Pendulum Wave

Audio/visual simulation of a pendulum wave with a custom particle system, and optional audio synthesis and MIDI out with mapping to user-defined musical scales.

p5.js Tone.js dat.gui WebMIDI

Python Course Design and Delivery

Working for Coder Academy, I created and delivered a 10-week exploration of Python at Kambala Girls High School covering terminal programs, physical computing with Micro:bit and MicroPython, and generative art using

Python Micro:bit MakeCode

Audio-reactive Album Art

TouchDesigner remake of audio-reactive album art by synthwave artist Com Truise.

TouchDesigner FFT

Distraction - Game Prototype

Top-down shooter game prototype built in Unity. Uses custom shaders for various effects.

Unity C# HLSL


Functional calculator built with Vue using SCSS and BEM.


Webcam Sampler

Webcam sampler that allows for live recording and playback of up to 4 video samples.

p5.js MediaRecorder

Point Cloud Scroll Animation

Realtime scroll-controlled point cloud animation created for my portfolio website.
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